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Hi, my name is

Antonio Troina

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I'm a Software Engineer
graduated at Politecnico di Milano

I was born in 1983

when computers looked like this:

My first Personal Computer was a 80486 DX2
with a 66Mhz clock, 16MB RAM and 480MB HDD, running Windows 3.11

In 1995 I installed Windows 95

in a vintage 25-floppies version

In 1997 I started high school

at Liceo Scientifico "Marie Curie"

In 2002 I started university

at Politecnico di Milano, BSc. in Computer Engineering

Meanwhile, from 2001 on

I adopted Linux OS in place of Windows.

I used the following distributions:

...and Mac OS X
from Panther to El Capitan!

In 2006 I started university

at Politecnico di Milano, MSc. in Computer Engineering

At Politecnico di Milano

I had the opportunity to study:

- Advanced Software Engineering
- Theoretical Computer Science
- Formal Languages and Compilers
- Computer Architectures
- Mathematical Analysis
- Human-Computer Interaction
...and 49 more courses!

As well as some:
- C
- Java/J2EE
- Javascript

In Oct.2010-Jul.2011

I worked as Technical Analyst and Developer

at Avanade (Milan IT), an Accenture subsidiary

Where I mainly

- Developed Java/J2EE Software
- Analysed functional specs
- Wrote technical specifications
- Tutored new employees

In Apr.2013-Mar.2015

I worked as Software Engineer

at Hewlett Packard, Communications and Media Solutions (Milan IT)

Where I mainly

- Developed reliable Java/J2EE Software (both front end/back end)
- Designed solutions
- Analysed user requirements (UML)
- Fixed production issues

Since Apr.2015

I'm a Product Developer

at ANDigital, (London UK)

Now, something about my hobbies:

Software development
Cycling, folding bicycles
Watching movies/TV box-sets
Participating to conferences and meetups



alt website/blog:

You can download my
curriculum vitae in PDF format

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